Dear Customers and Friends,

The Ukrainians still need us, let's not let up on our efforts!

I remind you that we continue to transport your donations to the collection point, and it is still useful.

We must continue!

I remind you of our action: we have a small fleet of vans that serve our restaurants and return empty to our central depot.
Anyone wishing to make donations can drop them off at any Thai Café, and we will pick them up for drop off at Hall 11.
In addition, if it is complicated for you to come and drop off these donations, we can pick them up from your home, as long as you are located within our radius of action around one of our restaurants. In this case, leave us a message at!

Here is the updated list of the most requested item categories today. It's more about consumable things:
• Medicines and first aid items (*)
• Disposable dishes
• Non-perishable food, cereals, grains, oil
• Coffee & tea
• Soft drinks, water, milk
• Animal food
• All baby products (diapers, milk powder, etc.)
• Diapers for adults (sizes L, XL, +)
• Underwear, socks, gloves, caps, scarves, t-shirts

The following categories are still useful as well:
• Blankets and sleeping bags
• Warm clothes for women, men, & children
• Napkins
• Hygiene products

(*) Medicines: analgesics, antibiotics, anti-inflammatories, insulin, wound treatment, dressings, tourniquets, disinfectants, iso-betadine, and other medical supplies, syringes, oximeters, thermometers, first aid kits (NATO standard) are also required !

You can find more details here:

It is very important to group the items of your donations by category, in a bag or a box, without mixing different categories, and indicating clearly (in English if possible) what it is.

Thank you for your help, let's stay united, all together we can defeat barbarism!